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Thank you..
Or any better idea for buying used cars in Illinois and nearby area?

I’ll appreciate all suggestions ..

A: Craigslist is probably your best bet for a decent deal because for the most part you are dealing with private parties in your area. However this can have some drawbacks as well. I’d certainly reccomend getting ANY used car checked out before buying it. The $40 it’ll cost you to get a mechanic to look at it is well worth it because if you buy it and it has a major problem you’re basically screwed.

You also might try, that site has both private and dealers on it, although it seems most of the adds are usually from dealers. It’s a little easier to find specific makes and models on this site because it basically lets you refine your search to whatever make/mode/year/price, whatever that you want, but of course when you are dealing with dealers you will always pay more than you should.


Q: what’s the best way to find used cars in Illinois?
I’m a student and looking for an inexpensive auto which could help me to get to my classes on time. Can anyone suggest me some good webs for used cars for Illinois and nearby ?

Or any better idea for buying used cars in Illinois and nearby area?

Thank you..

A: DK, I bought a used car in North Carolina last year and saved some cash. Try visiting several used car lots in Illinois.

Q: We live in florida & also have a house in Illinois. Can we register different cars in different states?
have florida driver’s license. But keep a car in Illinois.

A: You are supposed to register the cars in the state they are garaged. Same goes with insurance.

Q: Can anyone tell me the name and location of the place in illinois where you can build and race rc cars?
It is a franchise business where you can build and race remote control cars that is in illinois. I believe that you can also build planes and helicopters as well.

A: hobbytown usa. is the name, st charles il, (630)587-1256.. is that by you? ther is ALOT in il.

Q: What are the laws regarding Underglow (Neon) for cars in Illinois?
I wanted to get some green underglow for my car, but is it illegal? If it is, what are the penalties?

A: Can’ t be used legally when vehicle is moving. Illegal lighting.

Q: Is there a recession of sales law on cars in Illinois?
My parents, who are in their 70’s and somewhat confused, bought a $35,000 car without talking with my sisters and I first. They have some significant medical bills coming up as my dad is having a major surgery in less than a week. They cannot afford this vehicle at all. My family and I are in shock they did this and are wondering if there is anything we can do.

A: Unfortunately, if you are not a financial power of attorney for your parents, and they are fully in control of their own lives, there is little you and your family can do. They are adults, and they have every right to decide what will happen with their money – even if it is a bad decision.

Q: neons underneath cars in illinois?
im planning to get some neons for my car but im worried about the laws in illinois, would i get pulled over?

A: best way to find out the answer to this is to drive to a local police station and ask them before you do it.

Q: can l make money selling cars in Illinois that l buy in New Mexico?
I want to go down south and find a car that is not rusted out, and bring it up north and sell it for a profit. Is this a good idea?l have traveled around the states.What about buying a car in Mexico and driving it up here?

A: cheapest used cars in ny nj area/cant bring them in from mexico/new mexico yes/more expensive than ny-nj area

Q: Is there a difference on sales tax on cars in lake county vs. cook county illinois?
Is it cheaper in some illinois counties to buy a car?

A: There is a great inquiry system to see what county tax would be:

Q: Has anyone been to Best Cars of Illinois?
i am thinking of buying a car from there and wanted to know that they really do check the cars and stuff

A: Nope but i hear they have good people that work there!

Q: Why do cars from Illinois have cheaper prices then any other cars?
I live in GA,Recently i been trying to buy a car, and i noticed that this car is way cheaper then any other car, and it had like 50,000 Miles on it!! it was for the price of a 150,000+ Miles car. the person who sells it tells me that the car runs good, and thru SquareTrade we do business, and if i dont like the car as described i can return it in 3 days, have any of yall heard about this website and this kind of deal and about SquareTrade. the perosn just told me he really needs the mone now because he went thru this surgery,and is trying to sell as fast as possible. Oh also he said the car hasnt been thru any severe weather. so im wondering.. and now hes selling the car from FL. he said he just been up in Illinois several times but kept the car in the garage. the car is a 2000 model

A: Anything is a possibility. I do suggest that you get a carfax on the car. But just so you know that carfax only shows you stuff that has been reported to the vin. I the car has been in a miner fender bender, the owner might not have taken it to a repair shop that will report on the vin. I live and sell cars in Illinois. It is quit possible that the person selling does not know the market. Good luck. Check kelly blue book value for the city he lives in in Illinois. That will tell you if our market swings lower then yours does.

Q: Does Illinois State permits Driving cars with Indian license for 90days on arrival from India?
Anyone entering US for the first time , is he allowed a grace period of 90days to take an US driving license. Till that time is he permitted to drive in the state of Illinois with a valid Indian Driving license?

A: No, but you could utilize an International Drivers License.

Q: does the three day return policy apply to used cars in Illinois?
I purchased a car and took it back the same day within an hour the check engine light was on. the dealer said they fixed the problem but yesterday it came back on I took it to a parts store to run a diagnostics on it they told me to take the car back it will cost upwards of $ 400.00 to fix it. I have had the car in my possession only from 4:00PM April 21 2006. it is now 3:26 PM April 23 of 2006. The paper work on the car says as is. So do I have a legal right to return the car and get a refund of my money? I have put a little over 70 miles on the car

A: it is my understanding that the “cooling off period” does not apply when you purchase the vehicle at the dealership. Many places in IL offer a one month or 1,000 mile warranty on power train or the big stuff. However, your seems to be an as is deal. Maybe you could ask them to pay for half and do the work themselves? Don’t know if there is a good alternative for you, because you will never prove that the vehicle had been rigged for the light to go off before purchase or not. Best of luck!

Q: Is there auto ferries between Hawaii and the West Coast because I see cars with Hawaiian license in Illinois?
where I live and as you all know that Hawaii is off the West Coast hundreds of miles in Pacific Ocean. So I would like to know is there ferries between Hawaii and West Coast or is there other ways to carry the cars over.

A: No ferries. People ship their cars via container ships, or large cargo aircraft.

Q: Donated cars to low income People in Illinois?
Is there anywhere in the Chicagoland & South Suburban area where people on public aid or low income people can get cars? In other words where can you pick up donated cars?

A: in our state they say goodwill donates cars.

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