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A: I don’t know much about Illinois but I know about being a kid with a truck. While I’m sure the kid would love the truck a question of safety comes to mind. Kids tend to drive fast (not all do) but a V8 with 345 horsepower certainly is not discouraging. Furthermore, pickups are top heavy and therefore easier to tip. I’ve been in bad situations in my truck but at the same time it has virtually no blind spots and is the easiest to parallel park.

Q: Illinois automobile sales tax?
I am going to buy a car from Missouri and I have to pay my taxes in Illinois. The car is a 2005 and costs 27,400 and my trade in is 19,500. I owe 12,760 on a loan for my current car so that takes the new car down to 20,660. What can I expect to be paying in sales taxes? Btw my zip is 62258 if it matters. Thanks alot!

A: If you bought it from a dealer, you would need to fill out RUT-25 and pay any tax due before you can title and register the vehicle. It is a multi-part form that cannot be download, so I cannot see what it lists. That would be used to calculate tax due minus any sales tax paid in the other state. Instructions are at

Or if you bought it from a private party you need to fill out RUT-50, and there is definitely no trade in allowance in that case. So sales or use tax would be $1250.00 (for a value $25,000-29,999.99). That tax chart is

You can get RUT-25 or RUT-50 at a driver’s license facility or currency exchange.

Q: Is it required by law for a car dealer to disclose frame damage to the seller in Illinois?
Is there any law that covers the purchaser of a used car in the event a car dealership did not disclose known frame damage before the sale in the state of Illinois?

A: They have to disclose anything they know or could reasonably be expected to have known. They knew..

Q: forclosure or short sale: in illinois?
1. would there be any effect on my credit card, credit score?
2. how will i be able to save money after the forclosure/short sale? Will the bank take my money from saving’s account?
3. if i’m currently financing a car, would the bank take it from me?
4. I owe two houses- will the bank be after my 1st house bec. of forclosure/short sale?
5. Will I owe any difference from doing either forclosure/short sale?
Thank you so much for your input …Just having a hard time making my payment for the 2nd mortgage.

A: In either a short sale or a foreclosure action, your credit score is going to take a very serious tumble. Given that you are speaking of a second house here, the lender may NOT be willing to ‘forgive’ the deficiency amount on that mortgage, and is not required to do so. If your equity basis in your other property is high, they may come after you for the shortfall. Chances are low that they would go after your automobile, since you probably owe more than the auto is worth (given the regular depreciation of cars)

If you have substantial savings, that will also factor into any lender decision to obtain a judgment for your deficiency amounts.

In summary, if you have sizeable assets, the lender will discover that and may seek a judgment to recover its FULL investment.

Q: I filed for an annulment. Is he entitled to anything?
I was married on August 30th, and I left my honeymoon on September 1st when my husband became violent and caused $4300 worth of damage to my car. We never lived together as we’d only started dating July 12th. I was pregnant and had an abortion September 12th. We tried to reconcile after, and I did not tell him about the abortion. He ended up leaving September 30th after a few days. I filed an annulment on October 7th. A couple of days prior to the response period ending without him filing an answer, we got back in touch and once again tried to reconcile. He stayed at my house Tuesday night through Friday afternoon. I’d told him about the abortion, and he told me he slept with a close female friend that I’d previously thought interfered with the relationship. Anyway, he left Friday while I was at work and supposedly had his parents help take his stuff out of the house that he was going to move in. Today when I spoke to him he got angry and said he had records, was going to clean me out, and was entitled to half of car sale money as I sold my mom’s car a couple of weeks ago. I noticed some wine glasses missing from my kitchen, which prompted me to look upstairs. My savings bonds were solen, bank account information was all over, and my social security card is missing. I filed a police report. He denies it to me and blamed it on my neighbor or mom (who is in the hospital). He never contributed one cent to our lives, and he failed to respond to the petition for annulment. I guess he could motion to vacate an annulment judgment and open a divorce case. I did schedule a hearing for a default judgment later Friday. I live in Illinois, equitable property state. I did not ask him for a dime, even though he put all the wedding money into his name. But can he really get anything? He says half of my things are his. He hasn’t contributed one cent to my life, and our relationship just turned a total of four months old, from our first date to now.

I recognize my mistakes. I feel so dumb and stupid. I let him back into my life this week because I was feeling lonely about my mom being in the hospital.

A: Well, you have made several poor choices. Get a good lawyer or kiss it all goodbye.

Q: Auto suppliers want US government bailout. It was only a matter of time. Your thoughts?
by Joseph Szczesny Joseph Szczesny – Sun Feb 1, 12:36 am ET

DETROIT, Michigan, (AFP) – Auto suppliers are preparing to head to Washington to ask for government help in surviving a deep slump in car sales that has slashed the production of new cars and trucks to the lowest level in a generation.

“We’re formulating our position and the scope of what a potential ask might be,” said David Andrea, vice president of Original Equipment Supplier Association, which is expected to handle the petition for the supplier companies.

Suppliers had already asked for help in November when Congress was considering a bailout of cash-strapped General Motors and Chrysler, who were granted 13.4 billion dollars in loans.

Since then, the situation has worsened as US production was slashed by 36 percent in December and is expected to be down even more in the first quarter after GM, Ford and Chrysler halted nearly all production in January.


“We know the money is available,” Fisher said.

The list of companies cutting production also continues to grow.

Mitsubishi announced it was closing its assembly plant in Illinois until May and Nissan, Honda and Toyota have all ordered cuts in production at their US plants until they are reasonably sure that inventory won’t pile up on dealer lots.

Yeah, the money is growing on “trees” called the “American Tax Payer.”

A: Most Republicanoids want American manufacturing to be wiped out.

They ought to get the money, how can cars be built without parts? And it’s not their fault if the industry has been so seriously hurt by this recession.

The survival of American manufacturing is critical to our national defense. ?°)

Q: question about buying a car with no title?
i am looking at a car to buy with a blown motor. heres the deal. the towing company i would buy it from has no title. the guy that owned the car signed a bill of sale and everything to the towing company and is now gone. how can i go about getting a title for the car. the towing company said they have the bill of sale and everything for it except for a title. they said i can apply for a duplicate. but how can i do that? the car is in illinois and im in wisconsin.

A: You should also consider that such a car may be expensive to insure. Check your insurance rates before buying one, for example here –

Q: Does the insurance company owe me sales tax on my totaled vehicle?
Our vehicle was rear-ended 3 weeks ago by someone insured by Farmers Insurance. My car is unrepairable. The insurance company offered me the NADA value of the car but no sales tax, license transfer, or title fees. I live in Illinois and thought that 50 Illinois Administrative Code Part 919 said that I should receive this. The insurance company states that code is only for their insured, not the party hit in the accident. Can anyone offer any help with this?

A: You are owed the tax etc in ILL on a total loss.

The Farmers Insurance adjuster is either a rookie or an idiot. Do not settle the claim until they agree to pay those items.

I strongly suggest calling the claims office and find out who the adjusters manager is and talk to him/her to get this straightened out.

Q: Wisconsin buyer to buying a car in Illinois, but seller says finance company has title?
Buying a 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche private party from a gentleman in Peoria Illinois. It was his late fathers vehicle, and he has power of attorney. Vehicle has a payoff of $11500 at his fathers finance company.

Scheduled to pick up vehicle on wednesday 03/10/2010. claims finance company has directed him to provide bill of sale, copy of fathers death certificate, and to let me know once monies received they will issue title with lien release.

seller wants cashier check filled out to HIM, and he will send in payoff amount, and receive title which will be overnighted to me.

I trust this guy and can tell its not a scam, but common sense tells me the cashier check should be filled out to finance company and seller(believe seller wants it this way to prevent having overage funds held by finance company, payoff 11500 bought for 13500, so he doesnt want 2000 in their hands and waiting for refund)

what I propose to seller is two seperate checks one for payoff and one for remaining difference of 13500, and for him to attain duplicate title to sign over day of transaction.

should i insist new plan or is it normal for title issues in illinois
finance company is not in area, and he trusts his finance company but wants the money now, not a month from now
seller claims lender is from out of the area and cant have title ready. will certain verbage in bill of sale protect me? such as seller is to provide clear title no later than 04/01/2010????

this is a legit transaction, just want to cover my bases

A: You should also consider that such a car may be expensive to insure. Check your insurance rates before buying one, for example here –

Q: I just bought a used car with no plates andan out of state title (wisconsin) im residing in Illinois?
I just bought a used car with no plates and an out of state title (wisconsin) i been in Illinois as a student for 3 years (driver license still Minnesota). I plan on going to the DMV with the bill of sale and the title; is that enough for this process to go smoothly?

A: In Wisconsin, the plates stay with the seller. so as long as you have a valid title, you should be ok. Just take it to your DMV

Q: I bought a car from Illinois and I live in IN.. do I need a sales receipt when I plate it?
I bought the car used from an actual owner; not a dealership. The cops already came and checked the VIN number .. I need to plate it tomorrow but I was told I had to get a sales receipt or something from the owners in order for me to plate it… The price isn’t on the title because they don’t do that there… what should I do?
the only time the cops check the VIN here is when you live in IN and buy a car from ILL .. I don’t know why but they do

A: In most states you need a bill of sale to register a car. You cant get a plate without registering it.

You could fake one I suppose.

I cant understand how the cops came & checked the vin. They don’t do that here.

Q: going to small claim court in Illinois cook county?
First when i filed a police report for the guy that hit my car they gave me the address to the person that owns the car but the house is for sale and no one lives there. Is there a way that the police can find the persons actual address so i can file a small claim case (i have the persons cell phone number but he refuses to give any information). Also how much does it cost to file a small claims case and what happens when that person doesnt show up for court?

A: In Cook County the busiest court district in the world – you may not get the personal service you want. The Sheriffs will try to serve it at a last known address – you will have to hire a private process server who will work a bit harder at serving your court papers – a Judge will not issue a warrant in this case in this county or state.

This will be your only way to serve the individual

Q: Returning a car in Illinois?
One Saturday, I test drove, inspected, negotiated for 5 hours and decided to purchase a V6 crossover SUV demo unit with about 4,500 miles on it somewhere in Illinois. After the paperwork was done, I drove the vehicle home. Didn’t use the vehicle on Sunday, the next day, Monday on my way to work I decided to check under the hood out of curiosity, I discovered that they gave me a 2.4L instead of a V6 as originally inspected and negotiated. They basically pulled the old bait and switch trick on my. Who would have thought that a brand new car dealer would do such thing after the vehicle was already inspected and the paperwork signed. So I returned the vehicle the following Wednesday because there was a storm Tuesday prior. So I left the keys to the sales agent and left the vehicle on their lot and went home.

The next day, they actually harassed me by frequently calling my home and work saying that they will tow the vehicle back to my home or office and they will let me pay the towing charges. When I was ignoring their calls for the past days they are luring me back by giving me a “better deal” (after harrassing me) only if I give them a voided paycheck and a copy of my pay stubs. I came to realize that they cannot file the loan because I did not give them any of the requirements which explains their sudden change of heart.

When I returned the car to the dealer they told me that I cannot return it and that the only way they could change the vehicle is to trade me out of it thereby I will lose money.

There is a “no cooling off” period in the contract and there is no buyer’s remorse on purchase brand new vehicle in Illinois but I believe my case is fraud and not buyer’s remorse.

What is the best thing for me to do so that the dealer cannot screw up my credit?
I believe the financing for the car hasn’t or could not be filed because the dealer is desperately using a bait by offering me more discounts and lesser monthly payments if I turn in my proof of income requirements ASAP.

Nothing on the paperwork says that the vehicle is a 2.4 or a V6. Secondly, they indicated on the buyer’s order that the car is brand new and not a demo unit. Which is kind of impossible for them to justify since the odometer as well as the documents say that it already has 4,500 plus miles on it. By the way, demo units are considered as used units and should be indicated as such on the paperwork. These information among others, I believe are basis for fraud.

It’s really a shame that new car dealers pull of these kind of dirty tricks probably out of desperation caused by the bad economy. From where I come from, car agents/dealers give us the actual if not the exact same model that was test driven and inspected prior to the paperwork.

A: You will have to look at the VIN on your contracts. If the VIN on the contracts you signed match the VIN on the paperwork, then there isn’t anything you can do unless the financing falls through. If the VIN does not match, then you can take the car back and demand the vehicle matching your paperwork.

If you dropped the car off at the dealership, they can have it towed way at your expense since it’s your car. The dealership can not screw up your credit anymore since you now have a loan. If you default the loan, then you will hurt your credit rating.

It’s a shame what is going on in the New Car Business lately however with so many dealerships going out of business, things will improve as the crocked dealers fall to the wayside. I would check all the paperwork and verify it with the car. If all the numbers match, then getting a lawyer will most likely be useless since it’s all in writing. Good luck and I certainly hope you can get your situation resolved..

Q: What is auto sales tax for Schaumburg in Cook County Illinois?
New cars only please.

A: Sorry Albert, that the only answer you got in 11 hours was from a smart alec!
I’m pretty sure Cook County sales tax rate for new cars is 7.75%
(I could be wrong, I haven’t worked in Cook for years)
I know Kane county is 6.5% & Dupage is 6.75% & Kendall is 6.5%. And I know that Cook is higher than all of them.

If you need an exact % , just call any of the new car dealers in Schaumburg & ask a salesperson .

Q: Mechanic and Car with no title for sale — should I buy?
Mechanic on craigslist has a car up for parts so I bought a part and upon talking to the mechanic I was told that he would sell me the whole car for parts (because the motor was “blown”) for only 400.00 and I would only be signing a bill of sale. Apparently, the mechanic says that his customer (which must have been from Illinois from the designer plate) and the car has been sitting in his florida garage for a while because his customer just left it!!! The question is should I buy this car without a title if the mechanic must own it and will sign a bill of sale?

When I buy this car and am told it has no title, can I go to the Florida DMV and register the VIN in my name and obtain a title and what does it cost?

A: “Alvin” is wrong. If that was the case I could get a title to any car I wanted. If the shop wishes to sell the car, they need to do it legally. They would have to get a mechanic lien and then obtain title. A bill of sale does not establish ownership. Pass on this.

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