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A: sales contract with taxes included.

and if they did not use their own cash, a copy of the financing document.


Q: Does any one in or around Bloomington,Normal,Illinois have a cheap running car for sale ?
Hi single mom here just had my car break down on me for good if you have a cheap running car for sale in or around Bloomington,Normal,Illinois let me know please i need one to get around town thanks very very very much.

A: No I do not have a car….How ever, I do happen to have a NASA grade space shuttle for $2000000
…..awww what, come on, that’s almost f****** free!

Q: Illinois Car Sales Tax?
Complicated situation..
I bought a car few months ago and it got totaled.
I paid around $1,500 for sales tax when I registered my vehicle.
The car is total loss but I still have my license plates.
Right now if I were to purchase another used car would I have to pay sales tax again or can I just use my license plate from the old car and just pay like a title fee

A: Yes, you can transfer your plate to another car, but that won’t affect the fact that you will have to pay taxes on the purchase price.

Q: does anyone know where i can find a good car for sale between 3000-4000?
I am looking for a car for sale in illinois or northwest indiana i want a car years 2000- to present and under 100,000 miles i have found a few cars fitting that criteria but they were not that apealing to me

A: NEVER EVER EVER buy a car on ebay without inspecting it first. make sure you know what too look at in a used car its not just age and mileage. if you want to buy a car that is fairly new (under 5 years old) and you see the price tag is quite low (3-4 Gs) be very wary about them. when attempting to purchase any used car i suggest you look for the following. Look at the under belly of the car if you see any part of the car that looks damp (oil leaks, coolant leaks, ect..). Also look at the oil level if it is too low or too high the car might have a blown head gasket (cost about 2 grand to repair). if you see the oil level is too low or too high look into the coolant tank if you see the coolant has a darkish brown color then the car definatley has a blown head gasket DONT BUY THAT CAR!. Next thing turn on the engine and rev it up high (not redline but close) then look under the car if you see anything dripping take note of it. when test driving the car make sure you turn off the radio and check for any strange nosies, also notice how the car shifts, if it jerks in shifting or makes strange noises while shifting then dont buy the car transmission repairs are very expensive. if you look out for these issues you have a much better chance of purchasing a a good used car that will not give you much trouble in the future. i recommend you look for grandma cars they are the absolute best used cars can buy. Good luck!

Q: anyone in illinois have a cheap car for sale, something that runs good.?
email me with info & pics if you have them at


Q: i am looking for cheap cars for sale by owner.?
the cars have to be near mascoutah, illinois. let me know

A: Try your local newspaper classified ads or auto trader.

Q: To which state does a buyer pay sales tax on a car purchased in another state?
I am interested in purchasing a car for sale in Illinois, and I am an Indiana resident. Sales tax here is 7%, but 10.25% where the car is. I will register the car in Indiana if I buy it. Which sales tax will apply to me if I purchase the car?

A: You pay tax where you register it.

Just make sure you don’t pay the dealer where you buy it.

Q: golf carts for sale?
where do you fine golf cars for sale in Illinois

A: Here is a list of some dealers in Illinois. I am sure that there are quite a few more.

Q: how do i sell car with lien private party in Illinois?
**posted by me for uncle- i am buyer**

trying to sell car with lien to nephew in wisconsin. his bank wants title at time of sale, my car note lender wont release title until check is received. My bank is HSBC in california, no local branch.

how can i do this?

A: You cannot sell a car with a lien. It is not your car. It belongs to the lien holder. The only way is to pay off the loan, then and only then can you sell it.

Q: Does a bill of sale finalize a car deal?
My friend bought a car for 3200. It was running perfectly fine and minor dents on it. You can say it was in great condition. It turns out that the car had a salvaged title on it before but now it had a regular title here in Illinois. I know what salvage/rebuilt titles are and nothing is really wrong with the car but my friend might have some insurance problems eventhough the car has a regular title now. Since he signed a bill of sale, is the deal finalized or can he do anything about it if the car is to malfunction?

A: You have gotten some good answers already, and also some terrible uninformed answers:

First, there is NO 3-day grace period for automobile purchases in any state in the U.S. It’s a common misunderstanding.

Second, lemon laws don’t apply to used cars, only new cars.

Third, if your car has a normal title in the state where you register it, there should be no problems related to that title.

Forth, a bill of sale is a legal document. Even though the car isn’t technically yours until you have the title and registration changed, any seller could take you to court for breach of contract, if they want to. Used cars are generally sold “as-is” which means any problems found AFTER the sale are your problems, not the seller’s.

Q: Where can I advertise the sale of my car locally, inexpensively?
I need to sell my car ASAP, but don’t have tons of cash to advertise all over town. Where, in downstate Illinois, can I adveritise my SUV for little or no money?


Q: If I buy a car in illinois but live in Toronto Canada do I pay lillinois taxes? The dealer is saying yes. ?
I am in canada and want to buy a van at a honda dealer (used car) They are telling me I have to pay their sales tax to pick up the vehical. That said I would only be in the state for 1 hour then back to canada. Is this true? Where could I find out the answer?

A: If you buy it there then yes you have to pay taxes on it.

Q: Can I use my state’s bill of sale to purchase a car in another state?
The reason I ask is the last time I bought a car, I bought it in Missouri with a MO bill of sale and registered it in Oklahoma. I then had to transfer it to an OK bill of sale to register it in OK and MO has been bothering me every year about why my car was never registered and why I haven’t paid taxes. I am now possibly going to buy another car in Illinois and was wondering if I can just bring a blank OK bill of sale and have it notarized at the bank or would I have to do the same thing and have it transferred and fight the state of IL for the same reason?
Yeah, I know it sounds stupid, but I hold residency in Oklahoma, but I live in Missouri (Military), which is why I bought my current car here in MO in the first place. The car I’m trying to get is pretty hard to get a hold of especially in the color that it is in and it’s in IL, so I’m willing to drive all that way to get it. :)

So, if I use an IL bill of sale and register it in OK, how do I keep IL from bothering me?

A: You can get each state’s compliant bill of sale form at { }

Q: what is the sales tax for a used car in Illinois?

A: 6.25% plus any local taxes if you buy it from a dealer, and a sliding scale based on price and year if you buy it from a private party.

Q: How can I be sure an email address is legit?
I posted a car for sale on craig’s list in tampa but, somehow got a response from Illinois. Everything so far smells like fraud.

A: I got an idea, maybe someone in Illinois wants to buy your car.

That’s crazy talk

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