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A: sales contract with taxes included.
and if they did not use their own cash, a copy of the financing document.
Q: Does any one in or around Bloomington,Normal,Illinois have a cheap running car for sale ?Hi single mom here just had my car break down on me for good if you have a cheap running car [...]

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A: I don’t know much about Illinois but I know about being a kid with a truck. While I’m sure the kid would love the truck a question of safety comes to mind. Kids tend to drive fast (not all do) but a V8 with 345 horsepower certainly is not discouraging. Furthermore, pickups are top [...]

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Thank you..
Or any better idea for buying used cars in Illinois and nearby area?
I’ll appreciate all suggestions ..
A: Craigslist is probably your best bet for a decent deal because for the most part you are dealing with private parties in your area. However this can have some drawbacks as well. I’d certainly reccomend getting ANY [...]