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A: If you hit Chicago at the AM or PM rush hour, it can be pretty bad. If you could somehow time your arrival into the city limits for the middle of the day it’s very manageable. True, unexpected traffic conditions (accidents, etc.) can alter things even in the middle of the day, but fore the most part it’s quiet (at least by Chicago traffic terms). Anywhere from 11 a.m. to about 3:30 p.m. is usually pretty managemable on the highways.

Not sure if you plan on driving around once you GET to the city, though. If you plan on parking the car and exploring on foot or on the bus, find a garage. Parking on the street is a pain right now. Spots are hard to find and when you do find one, you have to pay about $16 for two hours of parking. Better to find a garage and pay there.

If you actually like driving, going from Louisville to Chicago doesn’t have to be a bad experience.

Q: What’s the best way to get from Indianapolis to Chicago without a car?
I’m going to school at Ball State and live in Chicago and I won’t be having a car…

A: Amtrak has both a train and a bus on your route. Also check out They have rides for $10 to $29 one way. You can only book megabus tickets online because they only have bus stops and no stations, so supposedly there’s less riffraff on the bus with you. They also supposedly have free wifi.

Q: Where can i find a Car Customizer in Chicago? You know like Pimp My Ride?
I’m just trying to find a Car Customizer in Chicago that can customize cars and stuff. Almost like pimp my ride. If they have a website, can u please post it? That will be greatly appreciated!

A: …..NO……

Q: How many hours would it take to go from Chicago to Australia by car?
How many hours would it take to go from Chicago to Australia by car?
Would it be cheaper than going by Plane?
I need answers Plz! 10 pts best answers
no im serious the continent/ country australia for real how long does it take
thank you i will get back to you and tell you how my trip was i decided to take the pacific ocean instead be back in a few months

A: It would take you about 13 hours to get to teh Atlantic coastline at NYC..AZt that point you would have to give up since your car will notmkae it acrosss the Atlantic…OF course if you headed West towrads the Pacific coast which is more sensible since Australia is in teh southern Pacific Ocean tehn you could drive for about 2500 miles…Then at that point you would stop agian..So try either one and get backto us so that we know how long it took you

Q: How long do you have to file a car accident report in Chicago, IL?
How long do you have to file a car accident report in chicago, illinois?
Nobody was injured there was only car damages. Thanks!

A: Here in Indiana it’s five days, but if there was no injury and the damage is under a certain amount ($1000 here, I believe), no report is required. Illinois is probably similar, but call the state police to be sure.

Q: How long will it REALLY take to travel from Milwaukee to Chicago by car on a Saturday and Sunday?
I will need to be in Chicago by 9:00AM.

A: according to google maps, it will take between 1 hour and 48 minutes and 2 hours and 10 minutes [depending on traffic]. I don’t believe there is any weekend morning rush hour, so i’d guess on the lower side of that range.,-95.677068&sspn=27.643082,53.4375&ie=UTF8&z=8

Q: Do I need a Car living in Chicago?
I am wanting to move in around wrigley. Is public trans reliable enough to not have to have a car in Chicago?

A: you dont need a car, you can take trains and taxis and feet

Q: Where can i rent a nice luxury or exotic car in chicago for prom?
luxury/exotic car to rent for prom in chicago area. where can i find one at

A: NO ONE will rent you a “luxury or exotic car” in Chicago (or anywhere else for that matter) for a prom.
No car rental company rents anything to someone under 21, and very few rent to under 25.

your only choice would be to rent an “exotic” limousine

Q: when you rent a car from Avis at Chicago Ohare do you have to take a bus?
When you rent a car from avis at Chicago Ohare airport do you have to take a bus to get your car? Or is it at the airport? What I mean is do you have to take a shuttle bus to get a rental car?

A: Yes you need to take an Avis bus to the car lot. The good news is that the car lots are located on airport property at O”Hare. Very close to the terminals, just a few minutes away. Very easy.

Q: How do I get from Chicago to Merrillville without a car?
I am moving to Chicago in two weeks, and I need to get to Merrillville shortly thereafter to take an exam. I will not have a car. What’s the best way to get to Merrillville without a car. Is there a bus or train that goes out there?

A: if you can get transportation to and from gary or portage, you can ride the south shore line into downtown (randolph street station) and connect to other lines from there or from buses…dont take greyhound. here is a link to the south shore line stations
and for the CTA stations

Q: i want to ship my car from chicago il to sunnyvale ca can some body suggest a dependable auto transporters?
hi all. I am moving from chicago IL to sunnyvale CA. I want to ship my car. Please suggest me a auto transport company which is dependable and reliable. I tried looking online but i am very confused with the quotes and reviews. Also can someone tell me me how much cost to expect for this move. Thanks in advance

A: That’s cost you @ least $1,200.00 and a bout a month to receive it in sunnydale .. why don’t just drive it there?

I know some people who can drive it for you over there within just one week-end for half the price..! You’ll have your car faster but an additional $1,500 miles on the car

Q: Is a Nissan Altima too big of a car to live in Chicago?
I am planning on moving there from TX where I have a nice Nissan Altima but I really wonder I am going to be needing such a big car. We have terrible public transportation here but I heard public transportation is great in Chicago. Maybe I can switch it for a mini cooper. What do you think?

A: Depending on the neighborhood. If your in Wrigleyville or Lakeview you’ll find a spot but it may take a while. If you live in an area like Logan Square a big car will be OK.
The Altima is medium to smaller so you should be OK in almost any neighborhood.
You definitely cant go wrong with the mini you can squeeze that baby in almost anywhere.

Q: can i buy car in chicago and register in cleveland, ohio with my seattle washington driver license?
i need answer on this question asap. please help me.
i just moved in to cleveland, ohio from seattle washington.
i have seattle washington driver license. and i trying to buy car from chicago (i can get car for $4000 chipper than ohio).
also, i still have seattle washing driver license, i’m moved back to seattle in a year or year and half, so i want to keep it instead change it to ohio driver license.
do you think i can still register my car (which will buy from chicago) in cleveland with my washington (seattle) driver license??

PS. i have home in cleveland.

A: I thinkk so as long as you have a valid license and the title for the car you will have to buy Ohio plates.

Q: where can i get my chicago city sticker for my car?
Where can I get my Chicago city sticker for my car? Where can I get it and what information might I need to provide? I tried to buy it online through the city site but it was completely useless and kept messing up, and I can’t seem to get an answer. I haven’t got one before and I’m past the 30 days on my lease.

A: at a currency exchange

Q: Where are good places for love making in a car at Chicago area?
I am dating with my girl, and we do wanna sth stimulating. But we’re not sure about the places for a car sex. Do worry about the cops…. Could anyone suggest?

A: So you’re saying this girl is good enough to screw, but not good enough to spring for a motel room. Does she truly understand how little you value her?

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