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I think 2009 will be even better: Immediately after his inauguration,
Obama will balance the budget, revive the economy, solve the real
estate problem, solve the auto industry problem, solve our
gas/alternative energy problem, stop the fires and mudslides in
California, ban hurricanes and
tornadoes, stop identity theft,
reverse global warming, find Osama, solve the Israeli-Palestinian
conflict, get rid of corruption in government and achieve world peace.

Then on the 7th day, He will rest.

But then, we still have – CHICAGO !

Chicago . . . . Who Runs it?
Senators: Barack Obama & Dick Durbin
Representative: Jesse Jackson, Jr.
Illinois Governor: Rod Blogojevich (arrested)
Illinois House leader: Mike Madigan
Illinois Attorney General: Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike, above)
Chicago Mayor: Richard M. Daley (son of Mayor
Richard J. Daley – need we say more?)
The leadership in Illinois ?
…..all Democrats.

And Thank You for the combat zone in Chicago .

Body count in the last six months: 292 killed (murdered) in
Chicago : 221 killed in Iraq

State pension fund – $44 Billion in debt – worst in the country.

Cook County ( Chicago ) sales tax – 10.25%, highest in
country. (Look it up).

Chicago school system – rated one of the worst in the country.

Of course, they’re all blaming each other. They can’t blame
Republicans because there aren’t any!

This is the political culture that Obama comes from in Illinois . And
he’s going to ‘”fix” Washington politics for us?

How stupid can we be???

Good luck and may God help us.

My best wishes for 2009!

And remember

“The government cannot give to anyone anything
that it does not first take from someone

A: Looks like you worked pretty hard on this.

Good stuff man…..good stuff!!!

Q: Is this what Libs/Dems mean by “The Economy is Recovering?”?

“The Chicago Purchasing Managers Index fell to 46.1 in September rather than rising to the 52 that economists expected. The index, considered a precursor to the national Institute for Supply Management index to be released on Thursday, pointed to a Midwestern manufacturing industry than is weaker than had been expected.” I dunno about you but I’m tired of all the “unexpected” things that happen.

“Economy dips at 0.7 percent pace in 2Q”

“Growth should be solidly positive,” said Mark Vitner, economist at Wells Fargo Securities.

Gross domestic product measures the value of all goods and services — from machines to manicures — produced in the U.S. It is the best estimate of the nation’s economic health.

A main reason for the second-quarter upgrade: businesses didn’t cut back spending on equipment and software nearly as deeply as the government had thought. Consumers also didn’t trim their spending as much.

But on Wall Street, a surprise drop in the Chicago Purchasing Managers Index, considered a precursor to the national Institute for Supply Management index to be released on Thursday, sent stocks reeling. The Dow Jones industrial average lost more than 80 points in midday trading, and broader indices also fell.

Many analysts predict the economy started growing again in the July-September quarter, due partly to President Barack Obama’s $787 billion stimulus package and the government’s now defunct Cash for Clunkers program, which had ginned up auto sales. It offered people rebates of up to $4,500 to buy new cars and trade in less efficient gas guzzlers.

Earlier this month, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said the recession, which started in December 2007, is “very likely over.”

I will never believe Bernanke.
Don B, you don’t realize that Stocks have nothing to do with the solidity or recovery of the economy. The shift in stocks shouldn’t be looked at too much when dealing with economic recession/depression. It’s only an indication of how people spend money, not the value of that money, or how it’s used, or what it’s creating.

A: The economy is not recovering until unemployment starts decreasing and the working class is making money again. Anything less is BS.

Q: Help me find a white Integra GSR!?
did they not make alot of championship white ones? I tried and auto trader. PLEASE someone help me find one thats on sale around chicago

A: i usually check
maybe check

and other local classifieds.

EDIT: and as far as do GS-R’s come in white yes just not Championship white (except the ITR Integra Type R 97-98 as this chart states)

Other colors of White do come stock on the Integra GS-R
Such as
Frost White NH-538
Taffeta White color code NH-578

(you can still get a championship white GS-R it just has to be Painted specifically to the car aftermarket.)

where to look for the color code:

Q: Where can i find the scion tc trd release 5 rims for sale?
.. just like these

A: i like this car

Q: how to form the table relationship in ms access?
I want to put together an access database. It will track ticket sales over a counter for events. Tables I have are ticket number table [no duplicates] an event name table , a sales coordinator name table, a city of event table, a city of sales window table, for what city the ticket was sold from. The ticket no table is related to all tables as a one to many.

Should I have both the city of event location and city fo sales window the same table? I want to run queries on dollar sales for both cities of sales windows and for event cities. If so, how please?

What I have so far,

And thanks!

Tbl-Event TicketNumber

Ticket id- pk ,auto
Date of ticket
Ticket sold date
Price of ticket


Basketball game
Soccer game
Country music concert
Blues concert
Football game
Rock concert

Table- Sales Coordinator

Jamie T
Rick F
Toby T

Tbl-Event City

San Diego
San Francisco
Los Angeles
New York

Tbl-ticket sold window city

San Diego
KC Kansas

A: It looks to me like you may want to form a single table which includes fields for Ticket id- pk , autoDate of ticket, Ticket sold date, Price of ticket as well as Event, Sales Coordinator, Event City, and ticket sold window city also as fields.

Then use Combo Boxes for the fields Event, Sales Coordinator, Event City, and ticket sold window city with the data choices that you have for each field, i.e. Basketball game, Soccer game, Country music concert, Blues concert, Football game, and Rock concert for the Event field.

When you run your SQL query, SELECT Event_City, ticket_sold_window_city, Price_of_ticket FROM Event_TicketNumber WHERE Ticket_sold_date = ‘*’.

Q: What lense combo should I get for my DSLR?
I plan to get a D80 soon and I want to get the best combo of lenses up to 300mm. I shoot year-round, but my two big events are the Chicago Auto Show and football games in the fall. My seats are 4th row endzone

Been looking at compact zoom 28-300 lenses since that would give the widest range. I could get a close shot when the play is in my endzone or I could zoom when the play is between the 50 and my endzone. What are the downsides to having a 28-300? I see a Sigma for sale on eBay BIN for $239 and Tamron BIN for $329. Is the Tamron worth the + $90? I know I’ll need an additional lense wider than 28-300 for shooting cars, but I won’t have to worry about that until next January.

I currently have a 100-300 AF lense for Nikon that locked up on me last year at a baseball game. It will soon be off for repairs and I will sell it if I get the 28-300. My other two options are to keep the 100-300 and get a D80 with a 18-55mm or an 18-135.

Thank you Yahoo! Answers!
Summary of my options:
1) Keep the 100-300 and buy a D80 with the kit 18-55
2) Keep the 100-300 and buy a D80 with a 18-135
3) Sell the 100-300 and buy 28-300 plus a wider lense later.

I appreciate any and all of your .02.

A: On my Pentax DSLR I have an 18×55 and an 70×300 that I use for weddings, portraits, party’s and such things as the Air Fair ( live in the Dayton Oh. area) and haven’t really found that I need much of anything else. I do use a polarizing filter a lot of times though.

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