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A: Yes. Check here at

Q: What is the best way to commute in Chicago? Trains, cars or bus?
There is a great chance for me move to Chicago from NY. In NY the best way to commute is over trains, I wonder if in Chicago is the same thing or I will have to buy a car.

A: When I lived in Chicago I relied on trains, busses, and a badass Vespa Motorscooter (Chicago has best scooter shop in USA btw)

Q: How can l cross in between cars on a chicago transit train and Metra train without getting locked up?
l would like to cross cars on a city train on the cta and metra with out getting locked up. How could l cross in between cars on a Cta and Metra train?

A: you can always cross cars on metra, that is not illegal. many people do it on the cta but i dont know why, that is illegal for a reason because it is very dangerous but if there is no one to catch you, what is stopping you?

Q: I want to export cars from Chicago to Puerto Rico. Will I pay tariffs in PR?
So in other words, would exporting to Puerto Rico be just like exporting to another state, because it is a US territory?

A: All inbound shipments to Puerto Rico are subject to a local excise tax. Merchandise and/or articles arriving from the U.S. that will be sold, consumed, given away, and/or remain in Puerto Rico are subject to a 6.6% Puerto Rico excise tax that is calculated from the commercial invoice value. This is payable upon entry to Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico has it own tax system. Although it is modeled after the U.S. system, there are differences in law and tax rates.

I was looking around some more to see if this was still the case since Puerto Rico adopted a 7% Sales Tax some time ago that would replace the 6% excise tax.

Q: does anyone know someone that buys almost junk cars in chicago?
ya my sister got a new car and wants to junk her old car but i think its still use full at least for 1000 its good..does anyone know someone?

A: junkyard, but she won’t get 1000.

or you can try a mechanic that will use it for scrap parts. i highly doubt you’ll find someone who would take a “junk car” and drive it, but hey, you never know. depends how bad the condition is.

Q: I noticed that a lot of cars on the chicago craigslist are priced very cheap and many are flagged why is this?
I don’t know if these low prices are typical for chicago area or if there are a lot of scams on the site?

A: yes alot of scams, dont buy it unless you actually look at it in person. my husband thought he was getting a truck DELIVERED to our house so he went and bought it. Everything seemed real, even going through ebay to pay for it and confirm it was real and all, we got scammed out of a couple thousand and after reporting it to the police, we found out another person was scammed by the same person. Dont buy it unless you’ve looked at it in person!!

Q: Where will the Chicago AutoShow Cars be auctioned at?
I already know about needing an dealers license, I just need the location… Please help, whereas the show ends on the 19th…

A: They aren’t auctioned. Local new car dealers have first right of refusal to buy them. If they don’t want them, the manufacturer puts them into their new car pool and sells them at a discount to any franchised dealer of their brand.

Q: is there a certain time city of chicago boots cars?
someone told me they generally start at 7 am and end around 9pm. just a question.

A: 8

Q: Does yahoo have a shipping center in Chicago, IL, where cars are inspected?
There is a vehicle on yahoo autos. The seller says the vehicle is in a Yahoo Shipping Center in Chicago and a deposit is needed, the car will be shipped, and final payment will be made upon reciept. Is this a scam.

A: Yahoo does not. The person advertising this car is working a scam.

Q: Can you locate me a new car showroom in Chicago plus suburb areas,and tell me what cars they are please?
Im looking for a new car and need help finding a local car showroom.

A: “Chicago & suburbs” !!!!!!! That’s HUGE. There are HUNDREDS of dealers. You are welcome to look my dealerships website…. but I’m not sure if it’s considered within Community Guidlines…to give you the url address here? You can contact me though, by clicking the avatar to the left

Q: Where can I find good and cheap cars in Chicago?

A: Ebay is probably the best place for a complete selection of cars and trucks. Here’s a category from ebay motors for vehicles currently listed in the Chicago area;

Also, you would do well to check with Chicago PD for their list of available fleet & seized vehicles. The Windy City’s finest are rather well known for their good inventory. And don’t forget to contact Illinois State Surplus, we’ve purchased heavy equipment off of them in the past and I noticed that they also listed an impressive assortment of available passenger vehicles on their printouts.

Best of luck.


Q: What cars will be displayed in the 2010 Chicago Auto show?
I saw one list on their website with lamborghini’s and spykers and lots of other supercars but now when i look at the list there are not a lot of good cars. could anyone give me an OFFICAL list of the cars

A: Check the website of it,.

Q: I am going to lease a new car and want to find out what cars are best suited for the ohio and chicago weather?
I am concerned about severe winter and icy roads and cars skidding of, so i will appreciate any input about the cars/models which will be safe for such driving?style and fuel economy are ofcourse a plus!

A: Anything AWD with all-season tires (or better yet, winter specific tires in the winter) would be ideal for the weather conditions you are talking about. I would look at Subaru’s first.

Q: How do people get around Chicago? Do they haev a subway? Do most people drive cars?
I’m looking at real estate in Chicago and was wondering what the transportation system is like.

A: Chicago has great bus and subway service. See site below and click on “travel” to see details.

Q: What cab company boasted having electric cars during the 1996 Democratic Convention in Chicago, IL?

A: checker cab co

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