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In Wisconsin, a comparable spot is $15-40/month.

A: Most of the storage places have spots to store cars

Q: I want to transport a car from chicago to Orlando, Can anyone recommend a safe reputable company?
My daughter is due to attend college in Florida, and I would like to ship her car from chicago to Orlando Florida. Can anyone recommend a reputable company that is insured and charges a reasonable price. I would like it to be transported in an enclosed truck and not on a flat bed tow truck. Also what is the average cost to ship a vehicle from chicago to orlando? Thanks for your help!!

A: call around to tow truck companys in your area or talk to towtruck drivers you may be able to get it done for around 400 – 600 dollar range or you could use amtrack trains they also ship cars, and it might be less expensive

Q: Who should you call if you see an abandon car in Chicago?
Who should you call if you see an abandon car parked on a Chicago City street? Just what would be a defecation of an abandon car? And finally what is the procedure of towing/impounding an abandon car? Please let me know thank you.

A: Definition of abandoned car is one no occupied or left unattended for 24 hours.
311 is a good number still to call non emergency.

Q: What is the easiest way to get a car from chicago to L.A?
i want to travel through the route 66 from chicago to L.A. i will have a month available for this trip and i will like to know what is the easiest way to get a car in order to do this trip.

Also do you think that a months time is enough to do this trip?

thank you for all your answers.

A: easiest way to GET a car? buy, rent, lease, borrow

If you mean route – try

Q: Where we can go in 4-day trip by car from Chicago?
We are a group of 5 students from Spain and we are planning to make a trip of 4 days by car around the 20th November. We are studying in Chicago. We would want to visit new cities, routes, villages, cool and special places where we can discover more of USA. Where do you recommend us to go? Thanks a lot

A: Hi, If you have already seen Chicago and want to see other locations the closest ones to Chicago might be:

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Harley Davidson Motorcycle Factory Tours, Beer Festivals, Music Festivals in the Summer

Indianapolis, Indiana – The Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway and Museum, The State capital of Indiana.

Springfield, Illinois – The state capital of Illinois. Lots of Government things to see plus museums about Abraham Lincoln since he was from there.

OshKosh, Wisconsin – A great aviation Museum – EAA AirVenture

St Louis Missouri – Budweiser Factory Tours, The great Arch and Museums

Geneva, Illinois also has some quaint shopping and restaurants but it isn’t that far away.

Wisconsin Dells – Huge water parks, hotels, water shows, water skiing, lots of entertainment.

Actually you guys might like Six Flags Great America Amusement Park and the Gurnee Mills Mall up in Gurnee.

Q: I am buying a car from chicago but the title is at the bank. how can i drive it back to my city in ohio?
i am going to chicago tomorrow to buy this car. I live in cleveland ohio. The seller doesn’t have the title.the title is at the bank and he can’t get it before 2 or 3 days. i need to drive the car back from chicago to cleveland. How can i do it? can i get a 30 days temporary tag from chicago even though the guy doesn’t have the title? can i drive the car with his plate on it and once he sent me the title i will go ahead and ship his plate back?

A: DO NOT buy that car without first getting a clear, valid merchantable title. The bank won’t release the title until they get their money. To ensure that this happens, you should go to the bank along with the seller and get that clear title in your hands, before you drive the car one inch. Do not fall for “we’ll send you the title in a few days”.

Q: Any rental car company accept age under 21 to rent a car in Chicago?
I heard that if I could prove my own car insurance, then I could do that? Is that true?
Or is there any company that don’t have such age restriction?

I have my own car and insurance in California. But I am traveling to Chicago and really need a car. I am 20 years old.


A: No, car rental companies won’t rent to you. If you’re visiting someone in Chicago that is older, they could rent the car for you, but you wouldn’t be allowed to drive it legally.

Q: Title transfer payment from Old car to new car in Chicago IL?
I had Toyota Corrola 1998 till now. Now I sold that car and bought another used Car Toyota Solara 2002.

Now how much I need to spend for registration and license plate transfer from my old car to new car. I know I could do this in Currency Exchange, but I was not sure If I could save some money in DMV.
I am living in Chicago sub-urbs.

Any idea how much would be expenses?
Hasn’t received any reply back for this case.

A: I linked the IL DMV website for you. If it doesn’t help, find a contact number and start calling.

Q: How much cost for shipping of car from chicago to los angeles?
can anyone advice how much would be ship car from Chicago to Los Angeles.Thank you Katerina

A: $850.00 in a closed trailer.

Q: How much does it cost to rent a car in chicago?
If i wanted to rent a car for 7 days how much would it cost? in chicago

A: 500-1000

Q: Where is the Chicago car scene?
Im big into the car scene and i might be moving to chicago in the next few weeks and im wondering where does everybody cruise at? I know where i live now every friday and saturday night everyone meets up at a certain spot and then cruise around. Do they do that in chicago too?
Also is there any websites that list upcoming car shows and/or car cruises in chicago?

A: yeah unfortunately cruising or “scoop the loop” is pretty much illegal everywhere in the chicagoland area man. and the cops in the city and the suburbs can be harsh!!

Q: where can I park my car for a long time for cheap in Chicago?
am going by car to Chicago cuz i found a cheap air fare from there… but where can I park my car?

A: There are longterm lots near the airports. How long will you be gone? It’s not that expensive really, unless you’re going to be gone for, say, a month. For instance, there are lots near O’Hare that charge as low as $8.50 a day. And there are lots near Midway that are that cheap as well. And they both offer shuttle service to the airport from the lot. They will even wash your car for free if you ask.

Use the lots. It’s better than trying to save a few bucks and leaving you car on some unfamiliar street in some unfamiliar neighborhood for a week or more.

Q: Where can i rent a car in Chicago?
Hey I’m looking into renting a car for like 2 weeks for a road trip, that can fit 5 people comfortably. But I’m not sure where is a good place I can rent one, I don’t want the place to cost to much. Nice and cheap, and reliable. I lived in Chicago, so that is the ideal place where I want the rented place to be.

A: I took a road trip and rented my car through Enterprise Car Rental. Make sure they give you free mileage.

Q: Does anybody know of a car dealer in chicago that is buy here pay here?
I have bad credit, I have a steady job, and I need a car asap no money down, I live in chicago, can anyone recommend a car dealer?

A: A friend of mine in similar situation went to CarMax where she purchased a ‘98 Camry with $20 down and 560 credit score. With a steady income, Carmax will find a way to finance you for a realistic car.

Q: Will I need my car in Chicago?
I am planning to move there soon. Many friends who live there tell me that public trans and taxi’s are plentiful. I could use the extra money from selling my car, if i don’t need it. I will be living in West Chicago.
Okay so what area can i live in and not require a car…because my friends make it seem so easy. one of my friends live in lincoln park and she loves not having a car. Any areas that are convenient enough?

A: I think no matter where you live in the Chicago city limits (where the CTA operates) it is possible to get by with no car. However most Chicagoans who do not have unlimited funds for cabs and renting cars will tell you that it is important to have access to a car. You don’t have to have a brand new car with maxed out insurance, but if you have a car in good working order that you take car of, you’ll definitely be happy to have it.
I have a car but I don’t use it to go to work or anything else that has to do with downtown Chicago. I do however use my car for anything really local or for any type of shopping…

From my place if I wanted to go to the nearest Target I could walk to the corner (wait for 10 minutes) and take the #55 bus to Cicero, (wait another 10 minutes) then take the Cicero bus twenty block south to Target. A trip that may take ten minutes at most in my car could take almost an hour via the bus in both directions, and that doesn’ include lugging your bags around and maybe having to stand on the bus because all of the seats are taken.

I can however walk to the grocery store and a few restaurants and bars as well, and I’ve gotten by just fine when my car was in the shop for repairs. I would say if you’re on the Near Westside you can get by with no car, but the truth is if you get rid of your car, at some point you’re going to have to rent a car or make friends with somebody who owns a car. My friends in the neighborhoods all own a car or are dating somebody with a car. I’m friends with two couples who can afford to live downtown and one couple owns a car, and the other is looking at buying a car.

My advice:
Keep your car for a year and if you don’t need it, get rid of it. But make sure you go through WINTER in Chicago with no car before you get rid of it.

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