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Q: I have shopped for a new car and I have found that 1 out of about 20 dealers is $1k less than the rest. Why?
I have been pricing a 2007 Sonata. I live in Chicago and have visited and done pricing through e-mail (which has the best results). Everyone came down to $15,500 or so and one out of like 20 dealers quoted me at $14,550. I would like to know how she can go so low. I got this quote online and haven’t actually seen the car. But she says it is brand new with the exact features I want and the same colors.

A: May have to meet a quota and is willing to do with less profit. ~

Q: Hey I was wondering where I could get the elusive 2008 Dodge Charger SRT8 in that awesome green color?
Or I wanted to get the yellow daytona edition or the bright blue super bee. I live in illinois close to chicago, any help with dealers that have these cars would be nice!

A: Here’s EIGHT of them for sale right now on ebaymotors:

Get one then have it repainted exactly as you want.

Q: Moved to CA from WI —CAR Registeration and License questions?
Just moved to california from Wisconsin. My car was transported and I took the delivery today . Car is comparitively new with 8015 miles on it and is a 2006 Model.

Q1: I have Drivers License from WI do I need to give a driving test again in CA ? What is the procedure to get License from CA?

Q2: What procedures/ documents I need to get my Car Registerd in California . What kind of fees I will need to pay.

PS: Car was purchased in Dec’06 from dealer in Chicago.

Please advise. Any help is greatly appreciated.

A: Here check out this link for the drivers license part:

Here is a link for the car license, sounds like you are lucky it has over 7500 miles on it (see the first “note”):

You don’t mention your age or how long you’ve been driving, I’m sure you’ll find info on the Cali DMV website. Relatively sure you won’t need another practical test, no, or a written for that matter.

I don’t think the “PS” you mentioned matters a bit.
Baron von Party from Wisconsin, YES it’s windy and cold here again!!

Q: Bought a used car and now won’t run?
My husband bought a used car on Thursday. one mile from the dealership the car stopped running. He had it towed and the radiator was replaced along with some other flaws for a total of over $900. He just called me from Chicago and the car has again stopped working. He had it towed to a service station and is taking a cab to where he works. My question is this: I looked up Lemon Laws for Illinois and they cover only NEW cars. My husband has not yet contacted the dealer, but I’m not holding my breath on any help on his part. What can I do to recover the price of the repairs?

A: Take it to the mechanic that done your prepurchase inspection..Oh wait, did you have this done?? If not, you really have no one to complain to..What yr model is the car? Sounds like it might be an old car,to be having all these problems..
Anyway, I am a dealer and i want people to check the vehicles that i sell..They are machines and they are going to need service but should not have major problems when you leave the dealer with it…Thats why im wondering if you gambled and purchased a vehicle on its last leg ..Some people do that thinking they will be lucky enough for the vehicle to last forever,but it rarely works that way..
Sorry for your problem! Be smarter next time!

Q: Buying A Car Out of State?
I found a car in chicago, the only problem is I live in san diego.
Its from a dealer. Whats the best way to go about the transaction. I plan on having it prof. inspected first. Is it possible to purchase and finance through the dealer (I have a low interest loan from my local credit union I plan on refinancing when I get the car) wihtout being in person, and then have the car shipped across country? Ive gotten rates of 600-900 and it is still a better deal.
thanks guys- good point about the salt. and waiting to find one in my area. my credit union says they cant finance it since they like to visually inpsect the car before the loan goes into effect. I was more interested if it possible to buy a car without actaully being present and shipping a car from a dealership. It seems like a lot of hassle.
thanks again

A: You can finance it right off through your local credit union. If you finance it at the dealer and change there will fees to finance and then maybe an early payoff fee from the dealer. Also inspect it good because if its been used a few years. The Chicago area uses tons of salt in the winter so the rust potential is there. Unless its a rare model it may be worth waiting and finding one in you area of the county. If its a lot cheaper be cautious because there may be a reason.(wreck or mechanical issues etc)

Q: Red light camera in Chicago?
Do I still get a ticket in the city of Chicago if I pass a red-light camera if I have temp plates ??like the yellow ones the dealers gives u when u buy a car

A: yup sorry, the ticket will find you eventually. I hate them, they probably cause more accidents honestly. Daley and the city just getting their moneysworth for the stupid cameras.

Q: Does anyone know of a dealerships that sells 2009 accord coupe V6’s with the 6-speed manual?
I’m planning on buying a new accord coupe ex-l v6 with the 6-speed trans, but everywhere i go, all they have is automatic, and i don’t want to wait forever for the car to come in. By the way, i live in chicago. also, if no dealer has any in stock, how long do you think it would take for one to get shipped in.

A: Go to Bob Rohrman’s Schaumburg Honda Automobiles they are the largest Volume Honda dealer in the midwest, so they can get you any vehicle. If you must order one, it could take anywhere from 6 weeks or more to get one… it all depends on which color is being made, and if it’s not the one you want, you must wait. I will warn you now, since the Accord coupe is a limited production vehicle (1 coupe is produced for every 20 sedans), it will be more difficult to find, but be persistent and you’ll get one.

Q: i lost my car papers?
Hey. I lost all the papers from the car…that is the title and the paper that the dealer gave me. I bought the car from wisconsin dells and now i live in chicago. So what do i have to do?I allready talked to the dealer , i bugged him for over a month but he gives me the same answer”we’ll take care of that”…and he doesn’t. So is there any way that i can get the papers from somewhere in person?

A: keep trying and wish you the best of luck and hope that you CAN HAVE THOSE PAPERS SOON

Q: Does Chicago purposely neglect minority areas to force gentrification?
I live in the northeast corner of Logan Square near Diversey and Western. I have lived here my entire 40 years of my life. It was and once again is a primarily Latino area. It was never a horrible neighborhood. Although there were the typical gang and crime problems it was a pretty safe area. No thanks to the Chicago Police Department who, as usual, took very long to respond and you could never find a police car when you needed one.

About 6-7 years ago yuppies swarmed in like roaches forcing our people out. Homes went up from $150,000 to close to $500,000. Almost immediately the city services improved. The police came right away when you called 911. Police cars regularly patrolled the area. Graffiti clean up crews were busy at work all day. The park at the end of the block was pristine. The cops chased away the drug dealers and gang bangers. The streets and viaducts became pristine.

When the real estate bubble burst this all was reversed. Now there are empty condo units and town houses where white yuppies once lived. Some of them are still there but many of them have become rentals and low income housing units. The neighborhood is in the process of “degentrifying” if there is such a term. Houses are back down to under $200,000. And, city services are back to their previous levels. The graffiti blasters don’t come when called. The police take nearly 30 minutes or more to show up. There is tagging everywhere. The alleys are dirty and the park is dangerous again.

It’s worse than it was before the yuppies came and left. Has this ever happend to anyone else in Chicago? Just curious.

A: hmmm i will drive around that neighborhood today just to see. its funny you say this because there is a police station nearby on western and belmont.

Q: if i won a brand new 2009 nissan sentra, would i have to pay the taxes on it?
Lets say, that i won a car. I got mail saying that i won. now i am not an idiot and i am not going to even enter the sweepstakes. But lets say that i did win a car, would i have to pay taxes on it and if so, does anyone know about how much? Also lets say that i didnt want the car, could i sell it back to the dealer?

i live in chicago if that makes a difference, thanks!

A: The IRS will be sending you a tax bill for their idea of “income” (the value of the car).

I know it sounds stupid because you didn’t buy it.

I know it sounds stupid because you get it as is, with no guarantees from any authority (other than they have laws about contests and lotteries actually having the prizes they claim, but that is basically unnecessary).

Q: I need help in purchasing a car… What to look for … and what not ..Can anyone help me?
Ok im 22 and have identity left on my credit. So my credit is pretty bad, so it seems that my only choice to get a car is craigslist or autotrader from a private dealer (unless anyone knows a place that will help you with bad credit ?)

So i know nothing about cars , and don’t know what to look for.. like how many miles..etc. I just need a car to get me to the grocery store, vet, laundry mat, so nothing that I will drive ALL the time. I live in the city in Chicago so i take public trans. but need a car for other things.

Any suggestions on what to do and how to go about doing it ..or what to look for ?

A: nothing over 100k miles because then it wont last. check for dents or rips in seats to see how well it was tooken care of. less blemishes the better. also when negotiating every thou. they ask as a down payment only knocks off about 20 bucks a month. i have a car and truck brand new without no down payment. its all about negoiations….the longer you sit and bull shit the better deal you will get in the long run. Because they always start high…and me and my boyfriend are 25 and 27

Q: shoulg i buy this 1997 gsx eclipse?
I wanted a 96-99 eclipse since I was 13. I found it finally its a. 97. Gsx turbo automatic… with a new. Big radiator thing on the front, leather seats in good condition, a strut bar, big intake, catback exhaust, bov, drilled rotors, kumho tires. turbo looks new, has 2 turbo gauges inside, turbo timer and some other Stuff with the Apexi logo. LookS very clean it should have around 300 hp. 131.000 miless. Engine looks nice nothing seems to leak.. Its selling it for 6800 but I convinced him to give it to me for 5000 because it has a tiny 1inch rust spot near the spoiler and this is the bad thing, the check engine light is on but he says its a sensor of the exhaust or something like that I don’t really know about cars and I don’t know any mechanic to go with me and check the car. It looks great and the guy says it has a clean title. I did turn it on and Doesn’t smoke or anything. I want to buy it but I’m not 100% sure. My ex owes me 2000 but I’m not sure when she is going to pay mee lol and I’m going to sell my 95 ford escort for 1000=3000 and I’m going to pay the other 2000 in 4months. Should I buy it? What if the sensor is not the problem? Whan can I do? Can I return it if its somethind more? Please help. Ohh and its a small used car dealer in the south of chicago

A: You should also consider that such a car may be expensive to insure. Check your insurance rates before buying one, for example here –

Q: Is it a Disservice to Americans to refer to the Depression as “A RECESSION”?
It seems the only definition of a Depression, is that they’ve happened in the past. Terminology changes as DID the way unemployment numbers are counted.

We don’t see long lines at the Unemployment Office, because today all you have to do is CALL-IN to report. – If you did see the line of people on Unemployment, you would see there are as many people living in Chicago Illinois.

Prices going up on necessities while nonessential products are lowering in price … like some car dealers offering two for one sales. – Not to mention, more folks on Welfare these days.

Import-Export Shipping has halted.

Paper Money is being horded up by Bankers and Corporations … many, who are destined to fail soon.

Many people are living in “Tent Cities” in America … see for videos.

Though this IS a GLOBAL CRISIS and several countries have begun to BARTER as TRADE WITHOUT MONEY.

But, the Main Stream Media insists, this is only a RECESSION! – To believe this Crisis is temporary, is foolish in light of the facts out there. Numbers can be manipulated … facts cannot.

Those who believe MSM are going to find themselves unprepared for what’s yet to come. Isn’t that a Disservice to the American People?

A: you are right things are really bad and will only get worse . the poor are getting poorer And the rich are also getting poorer.There is worse to come.and it will never be the same as it used to be.

Q: finding an apartment?
im in desperate need to find an apartment my mom passed away about 3 weeks ago and our home was in forcolsure so now im here 18 yrs old with a 2yr old son and no credit at all i owe 123 dollars on a credit card but i was told by car dealers that i dont have any credit anyways im trying to know what are the chances of getting denied an apartment me and my son have to be out by nov 1st and we have no family so im looking everyday all 18 yrs i work for the social security office and i make $13 hr im only willing to find a place at the max of 600 also im in the chicago area are there any chances i wont find anybody to rent me something because going to a shelter is a last resort for me and my son….. plzzzzzzzzzzz i need serious advice

A: ohh dear.. jus read your info …

can check

Good luck finding the house of your dreams ;-)

thanks bye tc

Q: How to go about buying a used car ??? read my situation & give your recommendation !!!?
I know ZERO about cars etc.
I’m 27 years old and I’m getting my license in a couple of months.
I know I’m a little late in the game here but , i live in Chicago and always use trains for transportation .
Anyway, My husband just bought a brand new Passat and I would like to buy myself a used car b/c I need to drive myself to work and its pretty local like a 20 min drive to work . Its very local driving and my budget is pretty low….at Max $3,000 and its okay if it has a lot of miles on it b/c the passat is going to be our main family car ……..if we need to drive long distance w/ our son

What model car do you recommend for me 1st time driver 1st car ? and do you recommend i buy from a dealer or someone off the street selling a car ????? My hubby doesnt want to help me w/ this because we just bought a new car but technically its his so i need something of my own, i will be paying for this myself :}
Thanx a bunch !!!

A: i recommend a Honda Civic or Honda Accord. their cheap, but good and reliable cars. idk about the low miles, because your price range seems like you might be able to afford a later model car, but the good thing about Hondas is that their engines can run on 100k+ miles.

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