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A: Not postive but if you are looking for lists this is the place to check:

Q: can anyone tell me the name of the south side (chicago) drug dealer who was buried or his son buried in a car?

A: The name of this particular gangster was flukie stokes and he buried his son in a Cadillac.

Q: Is there any recourse I can take regarding my car? I bought a 07 grand prix in 08/07 from a dealer in chicago?
I had a problem w/ my car and I took it to a local dealer closer to home to get it fixed under my 3 warranty. The dealer called & said that my car had actually been in a accident & the whole left side had been repainted ( I never knew) & that the impact had shifted everything underneath, I need a new axle, my power steering hose is bent & about 3 more pages worth of things that are wrong. I have about $3500 worth of repairs & they won’t cover it because who ever got into the accident had tried to fix it themselves & now the dealer has to go back and fix all their work, something is actually being held together with wire ties!!

The original dealer never told me that it had been in an accident and we even asked. What recourse can we take??? The dealer wants to offer us the value of the car as if it were a regular trade in, I want what it was worth when I bought it. I think that is the most fair solution because never would have bought it if I had known, it’s not a safe car to drive

A: It is illegal for a dealer to sell a car and NOT tell the customer it was in an accident. That doesn’t mean that they DO. But if you are having problems, yes, you have recourse, and it’s not just a regular trade in…. they should give you your money back, the money you paid for it in the first place.

Call a lawyer.

Q: What dealer in chicago finances bad credit with very little money down?
I have about $500 to put down and a credit score of about 450. I make 45,000/yr and I don’t really have any other current credit,Its all from years ago. I just moved,my fiance wrecked her car recently, shes pregnant and we need a car bad!!! We need her income to pay our bills and If she can’t get to work we are in trouble. HELP PLEASE!!!!

A: You can get a decent car loan, even with bad credit. I’ve done it, but you’ll have to look around. That’s one of the BIG mistakes people make…just taking the first offer that’s given to them when they go to the dealer. Be smarter than that.

WARNING: DON’T GO TO BUY A CAR WITHOUT HAVING THE LOAN FIRST. The auto dealers will eat you alive and give you a crappy rate. Shop around with lenders who specialize in bad credit car loans. It’s a better option, you don’t have to take what they’re offering if you don’t want it, and it’s better than dealing with the car dealer’s people.

There are usually some nationally based car loan companies who specialize in bad credit car loans who advertise on the page linked below…

Q: Do you think the scandal the clintons have on Obama is that he was a major drug dealer in Chicago?
Thats what i have been hearing lately if this is the rumor do you think it is true. Rumor has it that his drug dealing buddy that was sleeping in his car was being paid to keep quiet and when Obama cut off his money he went to the Clintons with all the goods and that his next stop is selling ito the Enquirer.

A: Even if it is they can’t use it. The assumption is that they know something so whatever comes out will be blamed on them…so they can’t use it.

Q: like cia to respond here: An agent ordered a car dealer service dept to do something to our personal car?
it caused a cracked engine block. I live in chicago burbs. I have tried to call CIA and write to them about the incident and want to make a claim for damages .. which is a new car new warranty and loss of use. The perps are keeping me from reaching your REAL offices and keeping you on the streets from contacting me. Do you realize what a conspiracy this is and how i really dont need to be labled crazy and do need some REAL assistance from someone in your agency for real?
Stop seeing others about what I need to see you on.! Really dont give me that denial crap there are witnesses also. and I had the dealer make an FBI report on it that day for me as well.

A: i dont get the question but i dont think you are crazy like some people on here

Q: Where in Chicago can I go for a good certified used car, for a first time buyer.?
I would like my first vehicle to be a truck, four doors, in good condition, and No sneak & bait dealer. It can be in Chicago or in the Chicago Area.

A: Hi
You can get really good cheap cars from auctions , you will find thousands of different auction and repo cars of all kinds of models really cheap at
Hope this helps

Q: Honda dealer (Chicago,IL) asking $1500 for my 98 Accord LX 100000 miles service?
Will that really cost that much for the 100000 mile or 7year service? Is it reliable and cheaper if I go with non-Honda dealer? Can I skip this service as I don’t have any issues or problems with my car? Please advice me.

A: Never blindly pay what the dealer quotes. The dealer is a private mechanic like any other except they generally charge more labor dollars to make up for what they lose on warranty claims.

Take out your owners manual and see what is required at 100k. Call a few shops and tell them what you need done and get some quotes. $1500 probably includes “Dealer Suggested Items” that Honda doesn’t even require for your car which is usually a bunch of fluff to help their bank accounts grow.

Q: How to install sirius radio in a car that is equipt for it?!?!?
So i have a 2008 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited Edition Sedan and one of its many features is that it comes Satallite ready. The dealer made it seem like it was so simply and all I had to do was call Sirius and get a code or what not.

I HAVE a sirius radio account and have one set up in my Pathfinder and had another one in an older surbaru that I had ((but no longer use cuz that car died lol)) so signing up is not the issue here.

Once I got the new car car and was playing around with it and reading the options, it says i NEED some sort of reciever for the Sirius to work in the car so I call the dealer and they tell me its going to be 400 bucks to install and I thought that was absoutely CRAZY!!!!

So basically what I’m asking is, IS there somewhere else I can take the car to get it hooked up for a better price; some where like Bestbuy or some where near where I live which is in Chicago, or is there a way to do it myself?!?!

I KNOW how sirius WORK on my SUBARU RADIO dial whatever its called it say SAT so all i need is to connect some stuff BEHIND THE RADIO not on the windshield or NOTHING but the dealer WANTS to basically take all my money for it and its just stupid i need a RECIEVER and some on to connect it DIRECTLY to the radio cuz my CAR radio will control it but WHO will do it?

A: If you want your radio to control the Sirius function you most likely need the suburu part. Maybe you could buy the part then have a shop install it.
Call Auto Alarm Center 773-880-5900 (Ashland & Wellington). They have been in business forever maybe they have another solution for you.
Good Luck

Q: Dealer lied to us at time of buying our new car?
We purchased a 2006 VW GTI, brand new at the Fletcher Jones Dealership in Chicago.
After inquiring about their different financing options, we decided to pick their Driver’s Option (Similar to a balloon loan, lower payments and they would take the car back at the end of the contract, but it’s not a lease).
They told us, we give you a contract for 10,000 miles/ year but if you would need more miles you can just call VW Credit and ask them to increase the amount of miles we are allowed to drive…
This was all a lie, after talking to VW Credit we were told that in no way we can renegotiate the available mileage and therefore we had to stick with what we had picked in the 1st place…
In between we went back to the dealership and the sales manager, Niko, told us that we were eligible for adding miles to our contract…
Since it’s not possible, Niko wants to compensate us for the “lie” but every other time i talk to him, he just looks away a bit more.
What are our legal resources?

A: contact Lemon Law or the department of Consumer affairs in the state you are from and make a report and have one of the investigators handle the case its free and when they hear STATE they panic …


A: Find a lender first, you need one who routinely deals with borrowers in chapter 13. Get your loan approval first then shop for a car. Tell the car dealer you’re paying cash — you’ll get a better deal that way anyway.

Google “high risk car loans” or something similar.

Q: I need an affordable long term car rental or “loaner”?
I need a car for about 90 to 120 days in the western suburbs of Chicago. It needs to be a reliable car, 2-6 years old that I can pay no more than $250.00-$350.00 per month to someone to use their vehicle. I would drive no more than about 600 miles per month local to Chicago…

I’m looking either for a very competitively priced rental or any creative arrangement with a car dealer or any other individual who could use some extra cash in exchange for “loaning” out their unused car…

Any ideas that include creative options??

what might be my best options… I’m familiar with Rent-a-Wreck ent the car sharing companies…neither work for me or are a particularly good deal…

…what’s the alternative to having to plunk down $1500-$2500. for a possible lemon that will require me to sell it 90-120 days later?

… I’m a 57 year old male excellent (no accidents) driving record with no speeding tickets etc.

A: Rent a wreck is going to be the best alternative. Nothing is going to be cheaper than that. Whatever reason it’s not going to work for you . . .is probably the same reason it won’t work for someone else, either.

Q: How Do I get my Honda Fixed Affordably in Chicago?
I need a tune up on my Honday Civic but am worried that I will take it to the dealer and they will send me a bill that is way oversized! I need it done, but since I don’t know about cars they could try to take advantage of this… How do I find a legit. car repair man (or woman) and know that I won’t get killed on the price of the work?

A: well there is a guy on my block a christian family and he does this work let me know.

Q: What other fee’s will I need to pay when buying a used car?
I see a car dealer with a dependable car for $795.

Do I have to pay taxes on the car price ? Can I tell them I have $800 cash and to include all other expenses ?

What are the other “hidden” fee’s that will come up ?

I have $900 total. Would like to pay $800 cash and use the other $100 for insurance and gas.

Im in Chicago Illinois

Do they offer a “waiver” for a few days for insurance to drive it off the lot ? I only need liability.

A: I think there is state tax, title transfer, plates, sales tax and county tax. You can get insurance right on the spot if you give the info to the insurance company, if you are cover for a while prior to this, I am not sure.

Q: Suburb or City : Buying a car?
I was just wondering if the tax on a new car is lower in a suburb or in the city? I am about to trade in my car and I have two dealer options; one in Chicago and the other in Skokie. I was told that it is better to buy a car in the suburbs.

What do you think?

A: Here in NYC, it doesn’t matter where we buy the car, if it is being registered to NYC address, we have to pay the higher NYC taxes.

I suspect it is all the same. So check with your local DMV.

Good Luck…

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