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Great site, I hope it helps.


Q: Where are the best car dealer auctions in Chicago land area and surrounding cities/states?

A: Unless you are a dealer the car auction is just another trick to making the buyer think they are getting a deal. If you are looking for a specific vehicle i would suggest They list from dealers all over the area. PS always buy from a reputable dealer

Q: Robbed of $546. by a Car dealer on ebay!!! need help…I bought an item on eBay from the Chicago Car Auction,?
From the ebay Id: waukeganautoauction I bought for a boat and on the listing it said shipping is worldwide, so I went ahead and bidded on the item. After winning the item, I read that the buyer wants the payment in 3 days (paypal not accepted) or else I forfeit the item and I will get a negative feedback on eBay for not paying for the item in time.
So I went ahead and paid for the item. after paying for the item, I realize that to have the item shipped to me is extremely expensive because I live in the Caribbean island of Dominica, and shipping from the USA only happens in Florida, I must have a trucking company haul/carry (Cost me $1000. cheapest) the boat from Illinois to Riviera Beach, Fl then have tropical shipping ship the boat ($2300) to the Caribbean island of Dominica. , the buyer is charging me $25 for each additional day after the end of 7 day which he has the boat in his yard. I found myself in a bad deal on ebay, and the seller won’t accept my calls. Help Please!!!!!

A: Report him to ebay see if they can help you.

Q: Any car dealers in chicago that don’t check credit?
I am desperate for a car. I just started this job about a month ago and I’m making enough to make car payments but I don’t have any credit and I don’t have a co-signer. Is it still possible to get a used car?

A: Many used car dealers will carry their own financing, but at a cost. You may have to pay a very high interest rate on a very short term loan.

That means a much higher monthly rate. They would also ask for a pretty steep down payment, since the car will be held as collateral to secure the loan.

My advice is, that if you can get this kind of loan, that you pay it off as soon as you can. This could save you thousands of dollars in finance charges and help establish your own credit.

Q: Do you know of nay honset car dealer in the Chicago area?
Any good honest dealer around Chicago ?

A: Your definition of honest and the car dealership’s definition of honest are probably different.

Q: I used to live in Chicago and the car dealers were closed on Sundays. What about other states?
Are they closed on Sundays in all of the United States?

A: That was probably because of the blue laws. I lived in New York in the ’70s and there was no Sunday selling.

Q: Where can I get a better deal if I want to sell an used Mercedes car in Chicago?
Can I sell my Mercedes car to a dealer and get a good price?

A: My boyfriend is a mechanic and he says you are better off selling the car yourself. Dealers won’t give you much at all. Look up the Kelley Blue Book value of your car and factor in if you have damage or if you have upgrades. You can post for sale ads on craigslist, I actually just posted for some BMW parts:)

Q: I’m buying a car in Chicago but I live in San Antonio. What’s the best way to get it inspected?
I’m buying a car from a dealer online. What’s the best way to get it inspected? I’m not familiar with any mobile lemon checkers in that area. Thxs!

A: One way is to find a local Goodyear near the dealer and make the sale contingent on them taking it over to the mechanic and permitting them to inspect the vehicle. The inspection should run $39 for the complete diagnostic.

Where is the dealer located in Chicago? I live in the burbs here and may be able to recommend someone.

Q: Car Dealers in Chicago?
Can anyone recommend a good dealership (good customer service) in Chicago?

A: I like Castle Honda in Morton Grove. Maniek Cierpiala is a manager over there and he always gave me a good price with an excellent service.
I usually recommend him all the time. And they have used and new cars.

Q: saturn car dealers in chicago area?

A: You can search for a dealer close to you here:

Q: Used Car Dealers near or in Chicago Heights?
I have $1,000 to put down on a car but its hard to find a used car dealer to finance the rest. I live in Chicago heights and I’m 18 so i have no credit at all and i really need a car. I need a reparable place to get a car that will finance people with no credit in or near chicago heights any ideas or plan B’S ? thanks in advance

A: if u cant find a used car dealer then try or get in the phone book. this is bad i was born their and i dont no.

Q: Will you continue to buy a car from a dealer in the city of Chicago now that sales taxes have risen 1 percent?
Or would you rather buy from a private seller?


However if i lived in Chicago or cook county, I would do all of my business out side of Chicago or CROOK (cook) county. like gas food clothes furniture….

Then they will see what its like to have no TAX INCOME COMING in.

Then see how quick they reduce the taxes!

Q: how to sell my car??!!! in a hurry!!(chicago)?
i am a foriegn student who just came to study in chicago. Due to really low budget, i bought my car from the internet and i got ripped off. the car has some problems which i already spent a large amount of money fixing them, but now it’s still not completely repaired. Because i am in urgent need of money to live, so i really want to sell this car in really short time, can anyone tell me which is the best way i sell this car? (dealer? or internet? or sell it to machanics?) i just need some money back ,i don’t want to cheat any other buyer and i need to sell it in a short time. And please tell me more details about the steps to sell a car…thanks a lot!!

A: ebay

Q: Which car dealer is the best ?
what dealer in chicago should i go to, to buy the ‘09 Toyota Matrix? Which dealer is the best deal?

A: None the Matrix is a POS.

600,000 recalls in Japan
257,000 recalls in America for the Matrix, Corolla, Yaris

And recently all Tundras made between 1999 – 2003 recalled because they were not properly undercoated from the factory, and there frames are rusting out.
Yeah Toyota is NOT a quality vehicle at all!
9.3 million recalls between 2004 and 2006.
As well as they average more recalls than cars sold every year for atleast the past 5 years.

Q: Need help buying used car in chicago!?
Hello Friends,
I am a first time car buyer. I am planning to buy a used Toyota Camry. What are the best ways to look for a good car with a good deal? Can anybody suggest some good reliable dealers in chicago? Any help would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks.

A: toyotas are pretty dependable cars. good car but always check
if it starts
any weird nosies
how many miles
does all of the accessories work
does the car have a history of any accident
how old it is
did the previous owner take care of it…for ex. regular oil changes, tune ups..etc. hope it helps

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