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A: Be it Chicago or Tim buck two, nobody gives you a break anywhere, its really up to you if you want to learn how the process works buying a car, many consumers cant find the time and ends up with a lemon and will blame it all on the dealer.

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Q: Auto Dealers in Chicago?
Hey, I’m travelling to Chicago, and am wondering what are some big Auto Dealerships in Chicago? I’m looking for a used large SUV with 3rd row seating. Possibly a GMC Yukon, Chev Tahoe, Toyota Sequoia, or Nissan Armada. Thanks.

A: I just found 583 used Chevy SUVs in Chgo. We have many dealers who still want to sell gas guzzlers.

Do a search on the internet before searching the streets. Below is a general search for SUVs in Chicago:

Another search to find a national website revealed many. Click on one of the following and use 60606 as your zipcode. Listed will be both dealers and private parties trying to get rid of an SUV.

Q: Buying a sports car at MSRP from Semi-Auto Dealers?
I am looking for a Auto dealer os semi auto dealer in the Chicago Area, or a 20 mile range, which sells sports cars like the Nissan GTR at MSRP price ranges. I have heard from them hundreds of times on youtube and online but I seriously can not find one just by searching for them on google or yahoo. I have placed wild cards and anything in concern for: “chicago” “MSRP” “auto” “dealer”. Nothing ever comes up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A: And why would MSRP matter?

By simple definition of the term, it’s a SUGGESTED price.

That doesn’t mean it’s the actual factory price.

In fact, the MSRP has basically no bearing at all on most car sales, as it’s purely a suggestion. One that NO ONE has to follow. Cars can be cheaper, or more expensive.

More importantly, even if the manufacturer suggests that a car is worth 40,000….does that actually mean it is?


Think it through.

Q: How can I get an auto dealers license without having a vacant lot in Chicago.?
I heard inspectors actually come by and check your lot before they issue you a license.

A: yes they check,

Q: I am looking for an auto dealer to wholesale through??
I am looking for an auto dealer to wholesale through. I have been a wholesaler in the past through a small dealership and had an arrangement where I paid per unit I sold. I live in Chicago and would be going to auctions in and around Chicago. Thanks

A: i was going to be an auto dealer but i cudnt afford a lot sum im a electronics retailer now

Q: How much did the Ford dealer in Chicago paid for one 2008 Mustang V6 Coupe Premium with auto transmission.?
I dont wanna pay full MSRP price. I want to buy the sale price. Thanks

A: Go to’s forums….they have tons of people who share their purchasing experiences with other folks. It will give you a good idea as to how much you should be paying for.

Q: Is there any place in Chicago that unlocks auto lock radios?
Ppl tell me go to the dealer but I really don’t want too
It’s a 1999 Pontiac grand am gt


Q: How do you find a good, and HONEST auto repair shop?
Sorry to discriminate against auto repair shops, but but recently got got swindled…

I have a 2001 Nissan Maxima that I bought about 4 yrs ago with 30K miles on it. It now has 60K miles (not bad for 4 yrs) and I need to give it a check-up – a little rattling in the back / underneath has prompted this.

I live in Chicago, so there are many auto repair shops, but how do I find a good one? Ask friends? Not too many have cars. What about going to a dealer shop? Will that cost more? Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks!

A: Dealerships generally cost a little more. But might be the best approach to take. The best way is through recommendations of others, but you say you have no car friends. Warranty is important and ability to have recourse with management if a dispute arises. So for you I would recommend the dealer, they will have a warranty and there is recourse through the corporate structure. You will pay a little more, but I think that you will more than get you money’s worth by being able to have peace of mind in this process. Peace.

Q: where can I find public car auction in chicago?
Looking to buy a good cheap car. Can’t buy from arena auto only for dealers so just looking for public ones thanks ahead.

A: look in classfied ads under auctions.

Q: what is the best auto extended warranty for a vw jetta 2003 1.8T in Chicago???
Thinking about renewing my warranty, they are asking about two thousand for 4 years, bumper to bumper. Do you think thats a good deal. Any suggestions are questions I should ask the dealer. Appreciate any info, I don’t want to get ripped off, thanx..

A: the price on the warranty is a little high but not horrible. Make sure you check where the warranty is accepted. A reputable warranty company would be able to give you a list of repair facilities that accept their warranties. Double check what kind of deductable it has i.e. $0.00, $50.00, $100.00 or $200.00 which means that everytime you use the warranty you would have to pay that amount deductable. See if you can negotiate the warranty down a couple of hundred

Q: Auto auctions at dealers ? Car for $79 is it genuine?
I have seen a paper ad in Chicago tribune paper on Sunday.
It says one of the toyota dealer in Elgin IL is doing some auto auction next week.

It says there might car for as low as $79.
It says that customers can come at 4PM and look at the cars and all the used cars will
have a price tag. And later at 6PM some sales manager would come down and mark down
all the prices and there would be huge discounts. And some cars might be as low as $79*.

Just wanted to know if these auctions what car dealers conduct is it another sales gimmick to lure customers to there door step ?

Did any customer buy cars in these kinds of auction ?
Let me know

A: Car for as low as $79… I want that one and I don’t even need to see the car or ask if it runs. No customers bought one for $79, I can assure you of that.

Q: How should I go about buying a 1995 honda that is located in florida and im in chicago?
the dealer serves inthe military and said that he needs to get rid of the vehcile in three weeks b4 he goes to iraq. Offered free shipping of car. and also asked for my address and name to fill out paper works with a third party so the transaction will be secure and both parties will get their end of the bargin. HOwever should i still go with the deal. 95 corrola for 3000, low mileage. ??? DOnt want to get scamed… anyone use auto trader b4, is it reliable???

A: It is the best! My dad used to be a used car dealer and the auto trader is THE name in the industry.

Q: Estimate Numbers of businesses in Chicago?
I need to find the numbers of these particular businesses in Chicago only.

? New Car Dealerships with Used car departments
? Used car dealers
? RV/Boat/Motorcycle Dealers
? Vehicle Rental/Leasing Companies
? Bus/Truck Fleets
? Car Fleets (Govt. Agencies, School Dists., etc.)
? Auto Insurance Companies
? Full Service Car Washes
? Quick Lubes
? Large Retailers: Malls, WalMarts, etc.

Or a site I can find these exact numbers?

A: a really big number for all of em,

Q: looking for a good auto body parts website?
i live in Chicago IL and i am looking for a place where they would sell a window hinge. i tried the junk yards and parts stores but no luck. the dealer can get it but would cost to much so i am leaving that as the last resort. I also tried jc whitney but no luck, it could be a website or a store doesn’t matter as long as i can get it asap.
no they are the pieces that are attached to the window and roof of the truck on the outside

A: try

Q: i’m looking for a used jeep wrangler, i live in the chicago area and im willing to spend around 2500..?
please no sleazy used car dealer suggestions
any classified site can look at ( auto trader,, craiglist and many others either were out of my price range or didnt have anything listed) please help me out!

thanks in advance



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