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A: Be it Chicago or Tim buck two, nobody gives you a break anywhere, its really up to you if you want to learn how the process works buying a car, many consumers cant find the time and ends up with a lemon and will blame it all on the dealer.
If you have the time [...]

auto dealers in chicago

Q: I am in the market to buy a 2008 MINI Cooper. I hear MINI rarely negotiates. How do I get best price?$21,600 w/ auto trans and options
$625 for destination charge (I’d like to get waived)
Four dealers in the state
I am in Chicago
Any suggestions on negotiating tips?
A: There really is no bargaining with Mini [...]

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A: Are we talking salvage titles, or just cars that have been in accidents?
Regardless, the older the car was when the accident happened the better. It means the car was worth less, so the damage that would be economical to fix is less.
You should know what kind of damage there [...]

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Great site, I hope it helps.
Q: Where are the best car dealer auctions in Chicago land area and surrounding cities/states?
A: Unless you are a dealer the car auction is just another trick to making the buyer think they are getting a deal. If you are looking for a specific vehicle i would suggest [...]

car dealers in chicago

A: Go downstate. Peter B’s in Urbana. Classy, # 1 sort of place. He’s won best mechanic down here 20 times or so. He’s uber good.
Q: Help!!! Car loan problem?Okay i know i am really dumb for ever agreeing to this but 2 years ago when i had first turned 18 i wanted to trade [...]

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A: There is a good dealership in Merrillville Indiana called Schepel. I don’t know if they have a Malibu, but they have a pretty good selection of cars. You can also look at the many Carmax locations. Good luck and happy car shopping. is their website
Q: hey can anyone tell me what car dealership in [...]

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A: Check out some these used car sites, they will find cars for you in your area.
Good luck finding a car.
Q: Live in Chicago Burbs…Buying 2001 Honda Civic?Can someone recommend the most reputable used car dealerships in Chicago?
ALSO I’m looking to purchase a 2001 Honda Civic. I would like to spend no more than $4K-$5K, [...]

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A: other than the custom bodykit, you can get it all from the dealership. If you did it all at the dealership: lowering springs, 19” rims, some other cosmedic mods, it’ll cost you about $4,000 not including the bodykit. If you did it aftermarket and had a local tuning shop do it for you, it [...]

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A: Not postive but if you are looking for lists this is the place to check:
Q: can anyone tell me the name of the south side (chicago) drug dealer who was buried or his son buried in a car?
A: The name of this particular gangster was flukie stokes and he buried his son in a [...]

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Q: I have shopped for a new car and I have found that 1 out of about 20 dealers is $1k less than the rest. Why?
I have been pricing a 2007 Sonata. I live in Chicago and have visited and done pricing through e-mail (which has the best results). Everyone came down to [...]